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TRUFECT™ Derma Activator is an ion massager developed to be compatible with TRUFECT™ Platinum W Cream. Using ions and vibration, the massager helps blood circulation, increases metabolism and cell activation, allowing nutrients and effective ingredients in cosmetics to be absorbed deep into the skin.
Description How to use Clinical Data
Nutrient supply
Uses ions to allow nutrients in TRUFECT™ Platinum W Cream to penetrate deep into the skin
Skin massage
Massages your face with micro-vibration to help blood circulation
The specially designed massage head for areas around the eyes, lips, and nose help you to easily massage small areas.
It is an innovative beauty device that automatically turns on when it comes in contact with the skin, without the need a power switch or button.
Offers a highly portable design and operates on a single AAA battery
Description How to use Clinical Data
Apply TRUFECT™ Platinum W Cream around the eyes and lips and massage it for about 2 minutes.
Description How to use Clinical Data
“X 10.3 of skin penetration!! Better than hand rubbing”