Since its establishment, Fox & Planet Co., Ltd. has been focused on exporting Korean beauty products to the global market.

We have been specializing in development, sourcing, ODM and OEM of unique and innovative cosmetics and beauty devices from Korea. In order to meet the expectations of our clients from all over the world, we have developed and created new and innovative products.

In the past, cosmetics were presented as individual products. From the very beginning, Fox & Planet has offered beauty devices that accompany the cosmetics.

Buyers have been able to successfully market our products, thanks to the synergy effects from the beauty devices offered with cosmetics. The novel concept has allowed us to receive recognition from a number of buyers.

Beauty Republic® is a brand created to emphasize the working harmony between cosmetics and beauty devices.
The COMMUNICATION BRAND logo was used for 8 years from 2004 to 2011.
Since establishing the Beauty Republic® brand, we have suggested a variety of innovative beauty products to our clients. As we started out by presenting innovative products under our clients’ brands instead of our own, we defined Beauty Republic® as a communication brand.
In 2007, we registered the trademark Lukanov James’s Beauty Republic® (Lukanovis from Luke, the founder of Fox & Planet Co., Ltd., and James is name of one of our clients at the time).
Fox & Planet Co., Ltd. was awarded the Five Million Dollar Export Tower by Trade Association in 2010 and began active developments with major multinational cosmetic brand companies.
In 2012, Beauty Republic®, which started as a communication brand for introducing new items to our clients, has been reborn with a fresh aim of becoming a global brand under the slogan of “Innovative Paradigm for Beautiful Life”.

Now ‘Beauty Republic®’, will be a interactive brand that communicates more with clients and will do the best to be recognizes as a brand which creates more innovative and effective products.