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TRUFECT™ Soft Cushioning Skin Roller.
(skin stimulator for inducing absorption of skin agents)

1. For first-time users : 0.1 mm needle.
2. For experienced users : 0.25 mm needle.
Painless meso therapy
The soft cushion head provides gentleness and comfort
The skin roller was developed with patented painless meso rolling technology using a specially designed cushion head for eliminating pain. It will provide the comfort and satisfaction of professional self-esthetics.
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Unlike traditional meso rollers, TRUFECT™ Soft Cushioning Skin Roller was specially designed with a cushion to minimize the pain of using a roller.
With a single roll, 600 needles help cosmetic ingredients to be absorbed into the skin quickly and effectively.
Replaceable head
Depending on sensitivity, you can adjust the force applied to the roller to control the depth of penetration. You can also purchase replaceable heads.
Quick recovery period
Using short needles (0.1 and 0.25 mm), you will be free of pain and able to engage in daily activities without losing any time for recovery
First-time users: 0.1 mm needle for those who are using the meso roller for the first time.
Experienced users: 0.25 mm needle for those who have used the meso roller before
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After washing your face, gently roll over the face vertically with the roller, once or twice in each direction, and apply the TRUFECT™ serum evenly on your face for absorption. (Refer to the product instructions for more detail.)
Description How to use Clinical Data
“400% of penetration! Better than hand rubbing”
Permeation of calcein into hairless mouse skin after applying the Microneedle Roller. (Observation of XY-section per depth). Observe after 15mins.
It is difficult to find the trace of calcein in 15 μm with the finger application while can see the permeation in 60 μm with skin roller application.

Above experiment is excerpted from the test result of ‘Transdermal delivery of Calcein using TRUFECT™ Soft Cushioning Skin Roller’’ done by college of Pharmacy in Korea.
This clinical test result is to see the penetration rate of calcein at the different depths in the skin.
Research period: 2012.05.29 ~ 2012.07.31